Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Detoured, but still Determined!!!


Okay, so I got this question a few times, "What happened with your blog?". So I'll tell you what happened (for those of you who aren't in my inner circle)!

It's called pregnancy, pregnancy happened! I am currently 30 weeks and 4 days into my third pregnancy. That's 7 & 1/2 months, for those of you who don't count in weeks! In 9 weeks and 3 days we will expect the arrival of our 3 child, a little boy we plan on naming Jesse. (Thanks to my iPhone I am constantly reminded of every detail of this blessed event!)

However! I have not let my condition derail my plans of running a triathlon! I'm just on a small detour! I have attempted to keep myself in shape, but have found, like most, that it is extremely difficult to eat right, and exercise when all you want to do is lay around and eat anything that makes your stomach feel better.

GOING for it!!!

So far, I have kept up a little running, and even ran in the Freedom Run in Provo, UT. I ran the 5k, finishing in 42 minutes, and even came in ahead of 20 or so women in my age group. (Yes, I'm going to take any credit I can where I can... that makes me feel better about gaining all the weight I have!)

For now, I'm being forced by nature to cool it, running is not agreeing with my body right now. Which is a sign to me that I'd be stupid not to listen to what my it is telling me!

GOALS for the Future!

Thanks to my sister, and a bunch of my crazy running cousins, I am excited about throwing everything I've got into running come October 2009.

We all planned and raced the Freedom Run together and had a blast! It was motivating and emotional for me every step of the way! In honor of our late Grandpa Dan, we ran our hearts out on his favorite day of the year, July 4th!
It felt so good to cross that finish line, and see those who finished ahead of me, and then turn around a wait for the rest to come running in! It effected me on a very deep level, and not just due to hormones, I was really moved by the reality of our eternal lifes.

This has inspired me higher... as soon as my cousin Shannon said the word RAGNAR, I knew I was in!
So that's the goal, another run with the Crazy Conger Cousin's + some really awesome friends! Only this time, we will be pushed to our max. Sharing close quaters for 24 hrs, running to the breaking point, and pushing each other past limits that are unknown. ...It's going to be amazing!

RAGNAR Feb. 2010, Prescott, AZ

180 miles, 24 hrs, 12 runners, 2 vans, 1 goal... FINISH!

Can't wait to blog all about it! See you in October!