Monday, April 2, 2012

Race Report

Coach Keena Athletes
Jared, Kelly & Jilian Jones

Ice Breaker 2012

Heading into the Ice Breaker I was less than enthusiastic. I had been feeling the effects a sudden nutritional change and caffine and sugar withdrawls and my guts where tormenting me. I was also tormenting myself with doubt and worry over the weather and what temperature's we'd be racing in.
Last year, as support crew for Jared and our daughter Jilian, I found myself internally glad I wasn't racing, it. was. COLD! This year the weather was suppose to be pretty warm but windy, something I struggled with during training rides on the course. Being that the bike is my weakest event and most of that being inexperiance, I was really nervous for the forecasted winds.

Race morning I was unexpectedly cool, calm and collected and even...EXCITED! All thought's of getting my trashed kicked where put aside and I just focused on having 'my' best race.
Heading into the swim I had decided to take my thermal Nike top and gloves and I nearly forgot my cap, goggles and earplugs but I rushed back to get them and instead forgot my GU! SO I had options for warmth and figured I could grab a GU from my bag in transition, I was cool with that and jumped in the make sure my goggles got a good seal before the start.
Lining up I was just behind a fellow age grouper I figured would kick my trash and I was wishing I'd started further back in the line to get a little 'kill' confidence early in the race. :) But I had an awesome swim and knotched a few kills that gave me a boost of confidence... which I knew would be short lived, but it's always nice to have a good start!
Out of the pool I fumbled with my warm clothes just long enough to decide I didn't want to bother and I ran for the bike. I got my shoes on quicker than expected with a good dose of baby powder in them so I grabbed my bike and took off snagging the fastest T1 of my division. -Short lived victory- Just out of transistion my chain mis-shift and jumped tooth! Frustrating but fixable, so I jumped off, made short work of the minor bike repair and jumped back on. Only I was on the 'wrong' side of my bike and not use to clipping in right foot first and swerved around like a crazy person while missing my clipping repeatedly -Embarassing!- (Note to self, practice clipping in from the right!)
After getting my head together I set off and made quick work on the first downhill and the little bitty baby hill and staying positive about the up coming mother hill that I struggled with EVERY loop in training.
Like someone had hit the pause button, the first 30-34 age grouper flies past me and makes pretty quick work of the up hill. "Keep on spinning!", to the tune of 'Just Keep Swimming', was playing in my head and I just tried to keep the circles nice and smooth. The first downhill was great and I got to enjoy flying through the intersections thanks to the AFPD directing the flow of traffic and volunteers at every street keeping us from becoming hood ornaments.
The second loop around was so much easier and I don't even remember the climb up that hill. Probably because my focus was on an Athena walking up the hill with her bike and I was remembering my first triathlon and the long walk up my first steep hill. I was feeling her pain but inspired by her efforts, she was NO QUITTER! I finished my bike split in 4th place (in my division).
T2 was pretty much a run from the bike course across the grass on jelly legs just trying to keep my bike upright and not forget to put my race bib on.
Of course the run was starting out pretty much how I thought, legs didn't want to work, slight pain in my right hip and left ankle but I was moving at my usual bike/run pace...until I was passed by another age grouper! AHHH! I just told myself to try and keep up. But she was putting more distanct between us the closer we got to the mother hill. I was close to losing heart until I saw her walk...then run...then walk, a process she repeated as I got closer and closer! I was screaming at myself, "YOU CAN DO THIS KELLY!!!" and I willed myself to the top of that hill, just behind my target. Unfortunatley my left IT band started bugging just a bit and I was feeling the mistakes in my pre-race nutrition and I had also forgotten to grab my GU in T1. Thank goodness Racetri had GATORADE at the support table, it was heaven blessed! Just what I needed to recover a bit and dig deep for the final push. I was feeling good now and even gave the photog a nice big leaping lizard before I turned the corner.

Here's where this story gets good...just incase you're still reading.

The final downhill stretch of the run had two options, share the coned-off lane with bikers -or- run down the root strickin side walk. I chose the latter, I had done it on a training run and it wasn't too bad, in any case I figured I had a better chance than on the slope of the road with my IT band now flared-up and letting me know it was not happy.
So down the side walk I go, toes digging and slightly turned in providing a small amount of relief to my ragged knees.
I pass a guy who's walking and shout out some words on encouragement and pick up the pace. I'm now nearly sprinting, running my short pace and saving just enough for a strong finish and then...
SHARP PAIN! and now...
BETTER TUCK AND ROLL ...this is gonna hurt.

Yep, it hurts.

(It's funny that you can have such clarity of thought in such a short period of time, thanks to my Jilian Louise I had the thought to tuck & roll and save my face and wrist from any real damage.)

The guy I had just passed is now stopping to see if I'm okay and I feel the guilt, "Go, GOOO!" I shouted. I was going to be just fine and I didn't want him losing HIS race on account of me...nice guys finish LAST Mr. :)
Down the side walk it must have been a fantastic scene and the officer there asked me with great concern if I was 'ok'. I'm running the Ice Breaker triathlon in nothing but a tri-suit, wet to the bone and I haven't even taken my earplugs out. I may or may not be 'ok', but I was just fine. :)

Running in for the final dash to the finish line my wrist was hurting really bad so I ran as fast as I could guarding it against my chest thinking I might have broken it (again). Of course I didn't break it, I was just feeling hitting the pavement and being a bit of my dramatic self. I can't help it, it runs in the family.

The finish line was great, but I was kind of mixed up for a moment. I had no idea what my actual time was thanks to mis-starting my watch at the swim start.  I was told Jared was getting his leg worked on and Jilian was out on her bike. 
To have team mates there was awesome (even if I'm not technically on the elite team), it was like having family there with everyone trading times and mini race reports.   It was also awesome to have FAMILY there as we once again got to race with niece Amber and nephew Juston, Jared's sister Brenda and BIL Clint were there in support.

Next order of business was to track down Jared and figure out where Jilian was and who was going to run a mile with her. Jared and I where both hurting but we both ran with her, which was painful, she took off out of transition like a little rocket and it took me a bit get going and catch up. Jilian's run for all of us was about the 'pain', Jilian was hurting, Jared was hurting and I was hurting, but we coached Jilian through the run and she even took off at the end in a dead sprint for a strong finish while Jared and I trailed in behind her.

I didn't bother hovering around the results board. A team mate told me I had finished 4th, then Jared came over and told me 5th, so I sat down to enjoy cheering on CK Elite and the numerous athlete's that where being awarded. Our first pleasant surprise was Jilian's, she had finished 1st! I was so stinking happy for her, I had seriously been hoping for a good result as she had been fantizing about winning all morning, WHEW! what I relief and a happy mommy moment! I'm glad she has that mental game going for her, belief in herself may make up for her mom's more cautious approach.

When they started annoucing the Female 30-34 results I was settled in and waiting to see who I need to keep up with next time. The race director says something about the gutter and 3rd place goes to... KELLY JONES! 'What?!', I seriously thought there must have been some sort of mistake, but I jumped up on my third place podium spot with rosey red cheeks and WISHING I had washed my hair, shaved my legs or maybe put something over my Zoot suit. But I was too happy to care for too long, I'm sure the pictures will give me away as the corny novice that got lucky and grabbed 3rd place dispite my goofs and the uncanny ability I have to crash anything...

...even a pair of running shoes.

Jilian & Covey Icebreaker 2012
Special thanks to Coach Keena for helping all three of us through our training and racing (and to Covey, Jilian's favorite training buddy). for putting on a great race and getting Jilian registered last minute.  CK Elite's athlete's for providing such great support, friendship, motivation, encouragment and making every workout that much more fun... you're the bomb-digity!  And to Aunt Brenda for helping Jilian and getting some great pics of her race, thanks!