Friday, October 23, 2009

I Never Knew It!!!


Okay, you have my me stupid, but I never realized how important shoes really are! Well, I did know that heels were bad and cheap shoes were not the best, but I didn't think about the construction of shoes in relationship to my feet and exercise.

Today my feet love me (thus the heavenly glow about them)! In fact my legs in general love me...and my new shoes! Yesterday I went to Runner's Corner to get fitted for running shoes, what a novel idea, running in shoes made for running! Funny things happen when you have to right equipment for your sport...or miracles!

My feet, ankles & knees have all sighed a BIG sigh of relief! Ahhhhhhhhh...

Truthfully, today's run wasn't as awesome as I imagened it would be, in my excitment to try out these bad mama-jama's, I forgot about my Nike+ sensor which was still tucked away in my once coveted Nike's. Therefor, I don't have an accurate number to post as far as my pace is concerned. And, I did have some pain in my foot which lasted for the first half mile and happily faded away! AND, I had a twinge of pain threatening to turn into a full blown cramp in my side.

So why am I so pumped about my tiny run? Why does 25 minutes on a treadmill turn me into a song bird, endlessy chirping my excitement while annoying all in earshot?!

SHOES!!! For the first time in my life I am feeling a deep effection for my new found metatarsal apparel! (Unlike most Shela's, I'm not ga-ga over shoe's or shopping for them. Which stems from my childhood, another tragedy I blame on my mother!)

Here's a suggestion for all those novice or want-a-be runners (like me) who are as clueless as I was...find your nearest RUNNING store and have a professional fit you for a new pair!

Back to my run...

I have found over the years (before I found running shoes) that I needed to center myself before and during my runs in order to push through that desire to stop running. Mostly it was pain in my knees and ankles that inspired this feeling, sometimes it was muscle fatigue, often it was the lack of motivation to keep going!

Here's my trick.

First, I set up for my run by having a mental fuzzy fest, where I think all sorts of warm thoughts about running... Okay that's BS, but I thought it would be funny.

So really, I turn inward, but I leave the warm fuzzy thoughts for the pansie's! I think, "Kelly, you get those shoes on and run that fat bottom into extinction!" or anything else you may imagen a trainer or drill sargent would scream at me. Second, I see myself running. I get the visual, and I keep that image with me (only in my head I'm ripped and my bottom resembles Jillian Michael's) until I'm on that treadmill. Third, I stretch briefly, and do a easy 5 minute warm up, and may even stretch again if I'm feeling a little tight (even though they're covered in cottage cheese, these muscles are tight)! Last, but most importantly, I find a point in the distance that I focus on when I need and extra boost. I stare that spot down like it was the mirror image of myself in top form and I give everything I've got to get it!

Does that make since? Well...that is what works for me. Lot's of images of how I want to look & thought's of how far I want to be able to run! Couple that with great tunes with heart thumpin' beats and it gets me though those first runs that are so difficult when starting back or starting for the first time! This technique also worked really well for me during my last race.

I hope this is helpful for any novice that feels defeated before the first week of training is even over. We CAN do it! We ARE amazing! Sick with it and kick those feelings or defeat to the curb...strength comes from the inside first, heart, mind, muscle. Go TO IT!

Today's run: 30 minutes/2.07 mi/275 cals burned

5 min warm up
20 min Hill intervals (4.0-5.5)
5 min cool down

I feel pretty darn good about running for 20 minutes straight, and if you took out the 10 minutes of up and down time, I even had a pretty good pace. Looking forward to tomorrow's road run! (Or maybe I'll go find a trail...any suggestions?!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Grandpa Dan & Crazy Conger Cousins


That's what I was thinking this morning as I held my daily fashion show. Only, this show was terrible, complete torment for this postpartum soul. Spandex? Lycra? Stretch pants?...NO. Damn. I have lumps & bumps everywhere & rather huge..."tracks of land"! This is embarassing, how am I suppose to go to the gym and get in shape when I look this bad? I feel too fat to go and I need to go because I am too fat! I am completely racked with the depressing sensation of back fat and sadle bags.

...Surely there must be something in this closet I can hide in?! Ah! T-shirt and...compression shorts!
Yes, just what I need! Hmmm, do I even own a T-shirt? Why yes I DO!

How appropriate.
Grandpa Dan & my Crazy Conger Cousin's, hanging right were I need them!
On with my reunion shirt, the last time I had worn this I was 7 1/2 months pregnant and running my first 5k. I instantly felt the effects of this ultralight suit of armor. Crazy Conger Cousin's running free, Grandpa Dan at my back, now I'm feeling empowered!

Let's do this!

I hit the treadmill with a bang, besides a few shoe issues I felt pretty good. Well, okay...honestly I was feeling the sadle bags, and a few other things bouncing uncomfortably and that made me a little hesitant to go all first.
However, after my transition from warm-up into a full stride my ipod went to work and I found my groove. The only disappointment was a small cramp in my side that gradually became an intensely painful cramp.
But, I was feeling something I haven't felt in a long! I was actually enjoying myself! I felt good, my knees felt good my back felt good, and I was loving it!
Before I knew it I was running at a good pace and fifteen minutes went by in a flash! I wasn't satisfied with just fifteen, I needed a few more, so I cranked it up and ran five more!

I was pretty happy with myself and I realized that I am making good progress! My pace has gone from 15+min/mi to 11+min/mi, which puts me on track to run at my goal pace of 9min/mi...and that just makes me happy!

Well, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow's wardrobe saga, but If I have too, I'll bring Grandpa Dan & those Crazy Conger Cousin's on every run! What better way to stay pumped than the very thing that started all this madness?!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Terrible Truth

One Day Postpartum

That's the feeling I got the first time I looked in the mirror. Postpartum depression? I certaintly feel something pressing. Maybe it's the button on the only pants I can squeeze myself into, the same pants I wore just days ago, at 210 pounds.
Okay, so I know it's not the end of the world, I know I can work this off! I mean, I've done it twice before, I can do it again...right?

Step on Scale.
More Horror... 180 pounds.

WHAT?!! You mean I didn't have 50 pounds worth of kid in there?!


Two Weeks Postpartum
Step on Scale.
Deep breath in, look down.
175 pounds!!!

Now this is a number I can deal with, where's my Nike's?! Excitment is starting to set in! Okay, shoe's on, heart rate monitor on, cell phone..fuwie it's dead, Nike +ipod...dang kids, ipod is dead!, okay no ipod. 9:10am, setting out for the trail, little stretch here, little there...and we're off! 9:12am, ouch!, oh man... that hurts! My back is killing me! This is not familiar to me, something is missing? Something...
OUCH! What is THAT?! Serious pain in my... OH, that's what's missing. The past 10 months have robbed me of my support structure! In other words, I HAVE NO AB'S!!!

Well, no wonder my back hurts! Okay, hold ab's in if possible, keep running. 1/2 mile marker in site, I can do this! 9:20am... where in the world is the next marker?! I'm DIEING! 9:26am finally, 1 mile marker is reached, okay turn around I'm halfway there.

Oh MAN! This is much harder than I remembered, much much harder! Wheeze, pant, cough cough cough, HACK!!! Okay, now I'm dieing for sure. Let's call home just incase I stop breathing... oh man, NO CELL PHONE! Let's just walk.

Ahhhh, back home. Wheeze, pant, INHALE...cough cough HACK! Colaspe.
Somewhat satitsfied.

Okay, so that was exactly what it was like doing my first postpartum run. I only ran 1ml and walked 1ml, but overall I feel pretty good that I got out and gave it a go. I now realize I have a long road ahead of me.

The pregnancy weight is coming off but my muscle tone is slow in coming. I'm excited to get back to it, but very nervous about the up and coming race!

Oh, and for those of you who don't know... Myself, my sister, my cousin's & my friend's are training to run the Del Sol Ragnar this Feburary! It's 212 miles from Prescott to Mesa, Arizona in 24 hours... divided between 12 crazy die hards! It promises to be the best and worst experiance of our running lives!