Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Grandpa Dan & Crazy Conger Cousins


That's what I was thinking this morning as I held my daily fashion show. Only, this show was terrible, complete torment for this postpartum soul. Spandex?...no. Lycra?...no. Stretch pants?...NO. Damn. I have lumps & bumps everywhere & rather huge..."tracks of land"! This is embarassing, how am I suppose to go to the gym and get in shape when I look this bad? I feel too fat to go and I need to go because I am too fat! I am completely racked with the depressing sensation of back fat and sadle bags.

...Surely there must be something in this closet I can hide in?! Ah! T-shirt and...compression shorts!
Yes, just what I need! Hmmm, do I even own a T-shirt? Why yes I DO!

How appropriate.
Grandpa Dan & my Crazy Conger Cousin's, hanging right were I need them!
On with my reunion shirt, the last time I had worn this I was 7 1/2 months pregnant and running my first 5k. I instantly felt the effects of this ultralight suit of armor. Crazy Conger Cousin's running free, Grandpa Dan at my back, now I'm feeling empowered!

Let's do this!

I hit the treadmill with a bang, besides a few shoe issues I felt pretty good. Well, okay...honestly I was feeling the sadle bags, and a few other things bouncing uncomfortably and that made me a little hesitant to go all out...at first.
However, after my transition from warm-up into a full stride my ipod went to work and I found my groove. The only disappointment was a small cramp in my side that gradually became an intensely painful cramp.
But, I was feeling something I haven't felt in a long time...drive! I was actually enjoying myself! I felt good, my knees felt good my back felt good, and I was loving it!
Before I knew it I was running at a good pace and fifteen minutes went by in a flash! I wasn't satisfied with just fifteen, I needed a few more, so I cranked it up and ran five more!

I was pretty happy with myself and I realized that I am making good progress! My pace has gone from 15+min/mi to 11+min/mi, which puts me on track to run at my goal pace of 9min/mi...and that just makes me happy!

Well, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow's wardrobe saga, but If I have too, I'll bring Grandpa Dan & those Crazy Conger Cousin's on every run! What better way to stay pumped than the very thing that started all this madness?!

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