Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 9, 10 & 11

I've realized through tracking every angle of my training that I have very boring eating habits. For the most part...I can't help it. I'm a terrible cook, my kids start complaining the moment the apron comes out and my daughter is quick to remind me that dad's cooking is much better than mine. So, I rely on the basics, try not to get to fancy and I really, really try to keep it simple. I'm going to take a tip from Women's Health Magazine, in which was suggested to track meals as S,M,L,XL, GLUTTONOUS (just kidding it didn't mention that last one). If you'd like more details, just ask, and I'll provide.

I've had some pretty great workouts this week here's how it's going...

Awake: 2:11am, 3:40am, 5:45am, 8:32am, 10:30am (yep, it was one of those nights!)
Meal #1: S, w/vitamins & supplements
Pre workout: N.O. Explode + protein shake
Post workout: Protein shake
Meal #2: S

Fat: 20.9%
BMI: 21.8

Day 9: Circuit training, medium to hard resistance 90 minutes (Great workout, good burn!)
Day 10: Ran 3.16 miles in 32:33, Swam 800 meter freestyle in 21:32 (my favorite workout to date! Jenn & I trained together and it felt great to push myself through the tough spots...couldn't let my big sis show me up on the treadmill AND in the pool!
Day 11: (today) Circuit training, medium to super hard resistance 70 minutes

Circuit Training Details:
There's two things I love about Gold's of them is their circuits! They've got several options set up in rows, making it a no-brainer for an novice to get a great total body workout. My circuit starts with ABS, I work them for 25-30 minutes...move to upper body and do the same. Then I finish up with lower body, which is my least favorite, but by the last 1/2 hour of my workout I'm pumped and ready for a challenge. I love to end with calf raises, with at least two 45lb. plates on the rack, then I let it rip and burn baby burn! Then I beat/rub my legs for a minute and wha-la!...feel like She-ra...I'm am woman HEAR ME ROAR! Yeah, it's that's should try it!

Even if you're night is disrupted by last nights dinner being hurled into your lap before you have time to awake and register what that heaving sound is... you can still have a great workout! Even, if your husband makes a 3:00am trek to the store for pepto and locks himself out of the can still have an awesome training day! Even, if when going to rescue said husband, and realize your car is still in pieces in the garage...under going installation of new headlights and you have to then reassemble the front end of the car... you can still get in that 90 minute burn! EVEN, if having to wake two sick, sleeping babe's and drag them into the fridged night air and buckle them into ice cold car and drive across town in the middle of the night after dealing with stinking blankets, cold showers, lessons on vomit placement, becoming your own wrench monkey, and rescuing said locked out husband... YOU can STILL DO IT...Never give up! Never surrender! HA HA HA! AHHHHHHH! Okay, I'll level with was rough, but I'm glad it did it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 8... Ran my self silly!

It may have been the laughing gas, but...
I didn't really run until I was silly, but I did feel silly running at a snails pace. However, if I've learned anything from training days of old, it's not to push to hard to fast. When you have the knees of a 60yr old, plus weak ankles & hip flexors... you must take it easy at first, and just build up a little at a time.

Here's the ugly, yet good, also bad new's

Awake: 8:00am
Dentist: 9:00am :-(
Meal #1: Vitamin's & joint supplements, 1/4 egg muffin
Snack: Chamomile tea w/honey
Meal #2: Ham & Swiss on whole wheat oat w/ honey mustard sauce
Pre WorkOut: N.O. Explode
Post WorkOut: Protein Shake
Meal #3: Pasta w/herb sauce & apples
Desert: Chocolate chip cookie (the devil made me do it!)

Work Out:
Tread Mill: 3.35 miles 389 calories burned
Swim: 300 meters mixed stroke
Total time: 53 minutes

I had a rough start on Day 8, it started with yet another dentist appointment, getting hopped up on laughing gas, numbed up the left side of my mouth and nose, & getting to the gym at 1pm instead of the usual 10am. I have a much better workout when I get it done early, but I still had a pretty good burn considering my morning feeling like everything was really funny, and going in super fast motion. All things considered, I'm patting myself on the back for getting to the gym at all... I really didn't have a choice, my training partner paid for my race registration. (And threatened to kick my (*&$#!) if I didn't finish it!
Everyone needs a little voice in their head that say's something half way threatening or encouraging when things get tough! :-)

Day 7...R&R

So issues delayed day's 7 & 8. In a nut shell, I took a very much needed rest on day 7...taking in a little R&R. I also enjoyed a 'free day' and took in some much desired food from the naughty list! Ahhhhh, I needed that!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 6!!! One Week Down!

I made it through week one! I'm still breathing, all parts and pieces accounted for, and... I'm still having fun!

Awake: 8:00am :-( (oh how I was looking forward to sleeping in!)
Scales Says: 147 lbs
Meal #1: 1/2 Bran muffin, Vitamin C, Multi-Vitamin Pack, & H2O
Pre Workout: Protein Shake
3 sets of each, reps varied depending on difficultly.
Abs: Hanging leg raise (owie!) Weighted toe touches, Straight leg Windmill, Weighted Crunch, Oblique twists, Captain's Chair Knee tucks. I'm not really sore either, proving that after taking a 4 month break since teaching Ab classes, they still recovery quickly and strengthen quickly!
Legs: Leg Press, Leg Extension, Hamstring Curl, Adductors, Abductors, Calf Raises
Total Time: 60 minutes

Post Workout: Protein Shake
Meal #2: Ham & Swiss sandwich on Whole Wheat & Oat
Meal #3: The Happy Sumo, okay, I KNOW that doesn't help my goals, but it was SO good! Really, you should try it! California Rolls, Happy Hawaiian (Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken & Veggies mmmmmm)

Okay, so I indulged myself for a little girls night pleasure...sue me.

You can deprive yourself and expect to be happy on your way to 6 six heaven...enjoy something you really shouldn't at least once a week! That being said, my sin was not junk for, but over-eating...who can help it will such succulent sushi rolls staring at your amongst the gari & soy sauce? Plus, if you are burning as many calories in a day as I need to eat! Just pace yourself, as I intend to time >:-) !!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 5,...sweet victory!

Today's workout felt great! I swam a lot better than last time, didn't drown myself, and even keep up with my training buddy (who is also my big sister, Jenn...a superior swimmer.) I think the difference may be in the calories, or maybe just not pushing myself so hard. Whatever it was...I'm hooked! I'm so excited for the race I'm also disappointed I have to wait five months to run it!

Looking forward to more victory! In the mean time... here's how today looked.

Awake: 8:30am (thanks so one very lovely kitty cat, or no-thanks!)
Scale Says: 147 lbs. (don't freak out... muscle, it's all muscle baby!)
Morning Additions: 12oz water, vitamin C, multi-vitamin pack
Meal #1: 1/4 Bran Muffin, 6oz Chamomile Tea
Meal#2: High Protein Smoothie... I'll post the recipe...this one's a keeper!

Workout: Lap Swim, mixed stroke, 1500 meters, approx. 45-50 minutes to complete (with a little chit-chat between sets!)

Snack: Power Bar
Meal #3: Chicken Sandwich w/BBQ sauce & Swiss Cheese
Snack: Green Drink (Energy drink that has all your 'greens' packed inside mmmm good!)

Total Calories Consumed: 2000 (that maybe less, I did sneak a few PB chocolate chips in just now!)

Feeling like a failure yesterday was terrible, feeling like a winner today makes yesterdays failure seem really small. However, had it not been for resent failures, today would not have been as sweet! It's twisted...but I loved that my failure boasted the effects of my success. Bring on the failure, or whatever it takes to turn this lowly mommy of two, wife-e to one, into an unstoppable force of nature.
I have my training buddy to thank, I always have my training buddy to thank! Every good time I've ever had in a gym came from my training buddies... today, my best-est good sister, Jenn. In the past it's been my mom, my other sisters, my friends, and of course my hubby. Here's to all my training buddies!...I love you! If you don't have a training buddy, GET ONE!

Day 4, failed some more!

Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

I'm so tired today! Woke up with a headache, had a headache my whole workout, and crashed the moment I got home. I need to re-work my schedule so I don't fail anymore...although I fully expect failure, without it there can be no success! I just wish you didn't have to feel like a whimp in the mean-time.

Here's how it went.

Awake at: 8:34am
Scale Says: 146.5 lbs
Breakfast: Smoothie w/protein
Workout: Racquetball 90minutes moderate exertion
(I was suppose to do weights, but feeling beat down, we changed plans and just did cardio.)
Snack: Costco tasters (150-200cals)
Lunch: Chicken pot pie (640cals)
Snack: Chamomile tea, 1/2 bran muffin & 6 nuts...that's right, 6, I counted!
Dinner: 1/2 PB&J, one very tiny piece of cheese pizza & a 1/4 of a shake. (approx. 1000 cals)

I believe most of my short falls have come from my over-excitement of my impending event. I tend to throw myself into my workouts with must gusto, and that leads to early burn-out, and sometimes injuries. The plan is to not worry so much about what I eat, but just not over eating, and adding vitamin's, more water, and most importantly... smarter training. Now I just need to figure out what training would be smarter, and how to do it!

Tomorrow is a new day (or in this, is my new day) I will stop working out when it stops feeling good. However, I will approach each day with my best, and if I fall short, I'll start with a fresh chance the next day. Practice makes perfect!...Try, try again!...If at first you don't succeed, well, you get the picture!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 3...Already feeling like a failure!

Man did I blow it today! It's only the third day and already I've blown, not only my time/distance goals, but I ate like a pig! Okay, so I know my body needs to be well fed for the amount of work I'm doing but, but, BUT... just wait I'll lay it all out for you.

Scale Says: 146 lbs
Awake: Once again opened eye's at 7:30am didn't make it out of bed till 8:00am (which is actually good, for me!)
Breakfast: Fruit Smoothie w/protein & oatmeal added
PreWorkout: N.O. Explode

Here's some scary numbers for you!
BMI: 21.7 (Good)
FAT: 20.6% (Normal)

Stationary Bike 30:27, 7.22 miles burned 253.4 calories HR between 120-161
Tread Mill 12:00, 1.13 miles burned 133 calories HR between 150-169
Racquetball 20:00 burned 200 calories (no HR stats)
Approximately 90 minute workout
Total Calories Burned:

Snack: 1oz Mixed nuts
Lunch: Ham & Swiss Sandwich on Whole Wheat+Oat bread w/honey mustard (1 tsp)
Snack: 1/2 Whole Wheat+Oat toast w/peanut butter & honey, 60z Chamomile Tea w/2tsp honey

And here's where I decided to gorge myself and complete screw all of my numbers for the day!
DINNER: Family Date Night at GoodWood BBQ Company mmmmm! 1 BBQ Brisket Sandwich,
1/2 cup Steamed Veggies lightly seasoned, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes w/gravy mmmmmm!

Way too much food! Jared (my husband) and I should have share that bad boy! I totally over ate, and consequently I feel terrible! I felt nasty before I even left the table! The veggies, however, where great... and the service, WONDERFUL! I would highly recommend SHARING a good meal at GoodWood BBQ any day!

Okay, so I messed up, tomorrow is a new day, with new calories to burn and new strength to gain. I will be getting myself out of bed, and march myself back to that gym, and make it right! I will master my appetite! Or I will work even harder to even the score! Tomorrow, my glut's will pay for my guts mistake! If someone else can do it... I CAN TOO!

Better Try Harder,

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2... almost killed me!

Okay, here we go... day 2 we're ready, pumped and willing! Let's see how it went!

Scale Says: 147 lbs (okay! already down 1/2 lb...sweet!)
Awake At: 7:30am out of bed at 8:00am (it's a little chilly in the morning!)
Breakfast: 8:30amSmoothie, 8oz w/protein
Pre Workout: N.O. Explode 4oz...get's you pumped and ready for action!

Here's where my day went great!
Workout: Circuit Upper body
Biceps 20lb 3x8 HR 124 (30 sec rests between reps)
Triceps Extension 5lb 3x8 HR 120 (felt like 60lbs NO KIDDING!)
Overhead Press 10lb 3x8 HR 112
Dual Axis Chest Press 15lb 3x10 HR 123
Pec Fly 50lb 3x8 HR 129
Eagle Row 50lb 3x10 HR 126
Low Back Extension 90lb 3x10 HR 125
Compound Row 65lb 3x10 HR 130
This took approximately 50 minutes to complete
Cardio: Racquetball 30 minutes HR 86-150

Post Workout: Protein Shake 6oz
Lunch: 12pm Salad w/spinach, red lettuce, pea's, red beans, baby corn etc.

Pre Cardio: Power Bar, Vitamin Water
Swim: 1000 meter Mixed stroke 24:30 HR 160-173 (thought I was going to die!)

Post Workout: Whole wheat pasta w/red sauce 8oz, Brussel Sprouts 4oz
Recovery: Cell Mass 4oz

Golf: Practice swing, 20 minutes
;-) Bonus Cardio: 15 minutes

Chamomile Tea 6oz w/ 1 TB Honey
Dinner: 1 Soft taco 6:30pm

Bed: 10pm (that's the plan anyhow!)

As you can see, I had a busy, yet fun filled day of hard work! I did over do it with the swim, and have paid the price all night... I am still water logged!
However, I did fill great, with little or no pain and minimal soreness. I'm very tired and should sleep well tonight. I have high hopes for my brick tomorrow! Goodnight.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Let the Training Begin!

Okay, here it is... tell all training from ugly start to beautiful training!

Stats: Jan 5th, 8am
Scales Says: 147.5 lbs (not bad, but fla-B!)
Breakfast: Oat & Fruit Smoothie (Good start!)
Lunch: Grilled Cheese w/bacon & tomato soup (What the!...okay just wait I will get better!)
Dinner: Whole grain pasta w/red sauce, brussel sprouts & H2O (brussels totally erases the bacon...right!)

Stationary Bike: 14 miles
Tread Mill: 1.36 miles (5.0-6.0)
Total Calories Burned: 493.3

How'd it Go?: I know I can do better than that on the stationary bike! When picking your equipment it's really important to get a well functioning, stable machine... not one that starts bucking around the minute you hit 90rpm! Next brick I'll start with a better bike, that's for sure!
Although the ride was rough, I still go a really good burn, and I started to worry I wouldn't be about to run afterwards. To be pleasure, I felt great on the treadmill and was disappointed to stop my run at 1.36 miles... but I'd tapped out my 'play room' time which only allows for 90 minutes.
Post workout went great too, I still had 1/2 a smoothie left in the truck so I got some protein back in my system PDQ, that helped a lot. It's now 8 hours post workout and I'm hardly sore at all, but still very hungry, even after dinner!

My goal here is to compete in an Ironman someday, however, I'm now blogging my short term goal of running the Salem Spring Triathlon, which is a 'sprint' 800 meter open water swim, 14 mile bike ride, & 3.5 mile run to finish up.
Also, I want a nice, lean body with lots of energy, and not just being a skinny-fat-chick, being truly fit, with a healthy ticker and the whole package.

I love food, and not just any food...the stuff that will stop your heart, if not suddenly...over time. Brie cheese, or any cheese for that matter tops the list, not to mention sweets, and the biggest heart-breaker Dr. Pepper! I've been clean now since the first and plan to stay that way, but man do I love a cold DP. Baked goods with also hold me back, I LOVE breads of all sorts, and prefer the kind that will slowly fill my arteries with something other than blood...but like a smoker, who knows it will her, but refuses to stop... I just can't help myself.
Injures are also a big challenge, for those of you who know me, you know the list, but for those of you who don't here's a short summary:
Broken Back
Dislocation Pelvis
Several Broken Toes
Cracked Collar Bone
Strained Right Ankle
ACL Replacement
Knee Strains
Tennis Elbow
Broken Nose
Arthritis in my knees, back and hands
I've also had a 3 surgery's over the past 3 years, one of which was an emergency... very painful, I'll spare the details. As you can gather, injury finds me, my last attempt at training flopped due to over-training and subsequent muscle injuries. Needless to say this is a big factor and a fear I face this time around.

I do have some huge plus' in my corner this go around! I am now a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, & a yoga specialist. Add that to many years as a massage therapist and I have an arsenal of education & resources at my disposal. I also have to very important people with me this time, my husband, Jared who keeps exercise fun, and my bestest good sister, Jenn. Jenn and I have traded training experiences and tips for the past few years, but now we live close enough to really lean on each other. We've registered for the Salem Triathlon, and we're going to drag each other across that finish line if we have to! Hopefully, we'll sell across with great ease and to the astonishment of our family and friends... but this is supposed to be a completely honest blog, I just hope we're able to walk across!

My intention is to record my training experience as completely and honestly as possible, to further myself and perhaps your exercise experience too! Enjoy it, for the pain, enjoy for the progress, enjoy it from your cushy computer chair! For whatever your reason I hope you get as much out of it as I hope to.