Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 4, failed some more!

Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

I'm so tired today! Woke up with a headache, had a headache my whole workout, and crashed the moment I got home. I need to re-work my schedule so I don't fail anymore...although I fully expect failure, without it there can be no success! I just wish you didn't have to feel like a whimp in the mean-time.

Here's how it went.

Awake at: 8:34am
Scale Says: 146.5 lbs
Breakfast: Smoothie w/protein
Workout: Racquetball 90minutes moderate exertion
(I was suppose to do weights, but feeling beat down, we changed plans and just did cardio.)
Snack: Costco tasters (150-200cals)
Lunch: Chicken pot pie (640cals)
Snack: Chamomile tea, 1/2 bran muffin & 6 nuts...that's right, 6, I counted!
Dinner: 1/2 PB&J, one very tiny piece of cheese pizza & a 1/4 of a shake. (approx. 1000 cals)

I believe most of my short falls have come from my over-excitement of my impending event. I tend to throw myself into my workouts with must gusto, and that leads to early burn-out, and sometimes injuries. The plan is to not worry so much about what I eat, but just not over eating, and adding vitamin's, more water, and most importantly... smarter training. Now I just need to figure out what training would be smarter, and how to do it!

Tomorrow is a new day (or in this, is my new day) I will stop working out when it stops feeling good. However, I will approach each day with my best, and if I fall short, I'll start with a fresh chance the next day. Practice makes perfect!...Try, try again!...If at first you don't succeed, well, you get the picture!


  1. What are you training for? A fitness competition? Your photo on this entry has you looking very much in shape. Nice work. This is the first time I've been to your blog but it's interesting. Hope you don't mind me dropping by from time to time.

  2. Wade, as you can tell from this VERY late response... I'm a first time blogger! And had no idea anyone was even reading this!
    Very sorry! I'm sure by now you've but two and two together and I don't need to fill you in!
    So sorry! Now that I know how to get my comments... I'll be better at responding!