Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 3...Already feeling like a failure!

Man did I blow it today! It's only the third day and already I've blown, not only my time/distance goals, but I ate like a pig! Okay, so I know my body needs to be well fed for the amount of work I'm doing but, but, BUT... just wait I'll lay it all out for you.

Scale Says: 146 lbs
Awake: Once again opened eye's at 7:30am didn't make it out of bed till 8:00am (which is actually good, for me!)
Breakfast: Fruit Smoothie w/protein & oatmeal added
PreWorkout: N.O. Explode

Here's some scary numbers for you!
BMI: 21.7 (Good)
FAT: 20.6% (Normal)

Stationary Bike 30:27, 7.22 miles burned 253.4 calories HR between 120-161
Tread Mill 12:00, 1.13 miles burned 133 calories HR between 150-169
Racquetball 20:00 burned 200 calories (no HR stats)
Approximately 90 minute workout
Total Calories Burned:

Snack: 1oz Mixed nuts
Lunch: Ham & Swiss Sandwich on Whole Wheat+Oat bread w/honey mustard (1 tsp)
Snack: 1/2 Whole Wheat+Oat toast w/peanut butter & honey, 60z Chamomile Tea w/2tsp honey

And here's where I decided to gorge myself and complete screw all of my numbers for the day!
DINNER: Family Date Night at GoodWood BBQ Company mmmmm! 1 BBQ Brisket Sandwich,
1/2 cup Steamed Veggies lightly seasoned, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes w/gravy mmmmmm!

Way too much food! Jared (my husband) and I should have share that bad boy! I totally over ate, and consequently I feel terrible! I felt nasty before I even left the table! The veggies, however, where great... and the service, WONDERFUL! I would highly recommend SHARING a good meal at GoodWood BBQ any day!

Okay, so I messed up, tomorrow is a new day, with new calories to burn and new strength to gain. I will be getting myself out of bed, and march myself back to that gym, and make it right! I will master my appetite! Or I will work even harder to even the score! Tomorrow, my glut's will pay for my guts mistake! If someone else can do it... I CAN TOO!

Better Try Harder,

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