Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2... almost killed me!

Okay, here we go... day 2 we're ready, pumped and willing! Let's see how it went!

Scale Says: 147 lbs (okay! already down 1/2 lb...sweet!)
Awake At: 7:30am out of bed at 8:00am (it's a little chilly in the morning!)
Breakfast: 8:30amSmoothie, 8oz w/protein
Pre Workout: N.O. Explode 4oz...get's you pumped and ready for action!

Here's where my day went great!
Workout: Circuit Upper body
Biceps 20lb 3x8 HR 124 (30 sec rests between reps)
Triceps Extension 5lb 3x8 HR 120 (felt like 60lbs NO KIDDING!)
Overhead Press 10lb 3x8 HR 112
Dual Axis Chest Press 15lb 3x10 HR 123
Pec Fly 50lb 3x8 HR 129
Eagle Row 50lb 3x10 HR 126
Low Back Extension 90lb 3x10 HR 125
Compound Row 65lb 3x10 HR 130
This took approximately 50 minutes to complete
Cardio: Racquetball 30 minutes HR 86-150

Post Workout: Protein Shake 6oz
Lunch: 12pm Salad w/spinach, red lettuce, pea's, red beans, baby corn etc.

Pre Cardio: Power Bar, Vitamin Water
Swim: 1000 meter Mixed stroke 24:30 HR 160-173 (thought I was going to die!)

Post Workout: Whole wheat pasta w/red sauce 8oz, Brussel Sprouts 4oz
Recovery: Cell Mass 4oz

Golf: Practice swing, 20 minutes
;-) Bonus Cardio: 15 minutes

Chamomile Tea 6oz w/ 1 TB Honey
Dinner: 1 Soft taco 6:30pm

Bed: 10pm (that's the plan anyhow!)

As you can see, I had a busy, yet fun filled day of hard work! I did over do it with the swim, and have paid the price all night... I am still water logged!
However, I did fill great, with little or no pain and minimal soreness. I'm very tired and should sleep well tonight. I have high hopes for my brick tomorrow! Goodnight.

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