Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 5,...sweet victory!

Today's workout felt great! I swam a lot better than last time, didn't drown myself, and even keep up with my training buddy (who is also my big sister, Jenn...a superior swimmer.) I think the difference may be in the calories, or maybe just not pushing myself so hard. Whatever it was...I'm hooked! I'm so excited for the race I'm also disappointed I have to wait five months to run it!

Looking forward to more victory! In the mean time... here's how today looked.

Awake: 8:30am (thanks so one very lovely kitty cat, or no-thanks!)
Scale Says: 147 lbs. (don't freak out... muscle, it's all muscle baby!)
Morning Additions: 12oz water, vitamin C, multi-vitamin pack
Meal #1: 1/4 Bran Muffin, 6oz Chamomile Tea
Meal#2: High Protein Smoothie... I'll post the recipe...this one's a keeper!

Workout: Lap Swim, mixed stroke, 1500 meters, approx. 45-50 minutes to complete (with a little chit-chat between sets!)

Snack: Power Bar
Meal #3: Chicken Sandwich w/BBQ sauce & Swiss Cheese
Snack: Green Drink (Energy drink that has all your 'greens' packed inside mmmm good!)

Total Calories Consumed: 2000 (that maybe less, I did sneak a few PB chocolate chips in just now!)

Feeling like a failure yesterday was terrible, feeling like a winner today makes yesterdays failure seem really small. However, had it not been for resent failures, today would not have been as sweet! It's twisted...but I loved that my failure boasted the effects of my success. Bring on the failure, or whatever it takes to turn this lowly mommy of two, wife-e to one, into an unstoppable force of nature.
I have my training buddy to thank, I always have my training buddy to thank! Every good time I've ever had in a gym came from my training buddies... today, my best-est good sister, Jenn. In the past it's been my mom, my other sisters, my friends, and of course my hubby. Here's to all my training buddies!...I love you! If you don't have a training buddy, GET ONE!

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