Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 9, 10 & 11

I've realized through tracking every angle of my training that I have very boring eating habits. For the most part...I can't help it. I'm a terrible cook, my kids start complaining the moment the apron comes out and my daughter is quick to remind me that dad's cooking is much better than mine. So, I rely on the basics, try not to get to fancy and I really, really try to keep it simple. I'm going to take a tip from Women's Health Magazine, in which was suggested to track meals as S,M,L,XL, GLUTTONOUS (just kidding it didn't mention that last one). If you'd like more details, just ask, and I'll provide.

I've had some pretty great workouts this week here's how it's going...

Awake: 2:11am, 3:40am, 5:45am, 8:32am, 10:30am (yep, it was one of those nights!)
Meal #1: S, w/vitamins & supplements
Pre workout: N.O. Explode + protein shake
Post workout: Protein shake
Meal #2: S

Fat: 20.9%
BMI: 21.8

Day 9: Circuit training, medium to hard resistance 90 minutes (Great workout, good burn!)
Day 10: Ran 3.16 miles in 32:33, Swam 800 meter freestyle in 21:32 (my favorite workout to date! Jenn & I trained together and it felt great to push myself through the tough spots...couldn't let my big sis show me up on the treadmill AND in the pool!
Day 11: (today) Circuit training, medium to super hard resistance 70 minutes

Circuit Training Details:
There's two things I love about Gold's of them is their circuits! They've got several options set up in rows, making it a no-brainer for an novice to get a great total body workout. My circuit starts with ABS, I work them for 25-30 minutes...move to upper body and do the same. Then I finish up with lower body, which is my least favorite, but by the last 1/2 hour of my workout I'm pumped and ready for a challenge. I love to end with calf raises, with at least two 45lb. plates on the rack, then I let it rip and burn baby burn! Then I beat/rub my legs for a minute and wha-la!...feel like She-ra...I'm am woman HEAR ME ROAR! Yeah, it's that's should try it!

Even if you're night is disrupted by last nights dinner being hurled into your lap before you have time to awake and register what that heaving sound is... you can still have a great workout! Even, if your husband makes a 3:00am trek to the store for pepto and locks himself out of the can still have an awesome training day! Even, if when going to rescue said husband, and realize your car is still in pieces in the garage...under going installation of new headlights and you have to then reassemble the front end of the car... you can still get in that 90 minute burn! EVEN, if having to wake two sick, sleeping babe's and drag them into the fridged night air and buckle them into ice cold car and drive across town in the middle of the night after dealing with stinking blankets, cold showers, lessons on vomit placement, becoming your own wrench monkey, and rescuing said locked out husband... YOU can STILL DO IT...Never give up! Never surrender! HA HA HA! AHHHHHHH! Okay, I'll level with was rough, but I'm glad it did it.

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