Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 8... Ran my self silly!

It may have been the laughing gas, but...
I didn't really run until I was silly, but I did feel silly running at a snails pace. However, if I've learned anything from training days of old, it's not to push to hard to fast. When you have the knees of a 60yr old, plus weak ankles & hip flexors... you must take it easy at first, and just build up a little at a time.

Here's the ugly, yet good, also bad new's

Awake: 8:00am
Dentist: 9:00am :-(
Meal #1: Vitamin's & joint supplements, 1/4 egg muffin
Snack: Chamomile tea w/honey
Meal #2: Ham & Swiss on whole wheat oat w/ honey mustard sauce
Pre WorkOut: N.O. Explode
Post WorkOut: Protein Shake
Meal #3: Pasta w/herb sauce & apples
Desert: Chocolate chip cookie (the devil made me do it!)

Work Out:
Tread Mill: 3.35 miles 389 calories burned
Swim: 300 meters mixed stroke
Total time: 53 minutes

I had a rough start on Day 8, it started with yet another dentist appointment, getting hopped up on laughing gas, numbed up the left side of my mouth and nose, & getting to the gym at 1pm instead of the usual 10am. I have a much better workout when I get it done early, but I still had a pretty good burn considering my morning feeling like everything was really funny, and going in super fast motion. All things considered, I'm patting myself on the back for getting to the gym at all... I really didn't have a choice, my training partner paid for my race registration. (And threatened to kick my (*&$#!) if I didn't finish it!
Everyone needs a little voice in their head that say's something half way threatening or encouraging when things get tough! :-)

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