Sunday, November 15, 2009

Running Buddies

Why Did the Cat Cross the Road


I don't know why but I wish he wouldn't have! Sadly, that cat has crossed it's last road.

Yes, today I morn the loss of a familiar face on my running trail. The furry little guy, will be missed, except by that last car, it didn't.

As a runner (oh yeah, I'm claiming the title) you are often joined by some rather unwanted running buddies along the way. My cousin was unlucky enough to have a snake join her today! I myself & my sister have also had close encounters with a couple of belly travelers.
Other running buddies aren't so bad, like a rather well behaved dog that only glances as I pass, without so much as a long stare. But of all my running buddies, my favorite are the ferral cats that criss cross my path as I go.

Thus my sadness over the site of seeing black cat #2 (there are 4 total, 2 being black) adhereing to the pavement. It was bound to happen sooner or later, but I took note of the location of his demise. I couldn't help but note it's proximity to a semi-blind corner and a low-visablity hill.
(Update: since starting this post, sadly black cat #1 has met the same fate not two feet from #2.) =-(

This got me thinking, and I had a whole 3 miles to think about one very important aspect of running...saftey!

So, for what it's worth, here's 'Kelly's Run Safe Tips' Light, Bright, Tight!

I, seriously, almost flattened a lady who was running in ALL black, well past dark! Not the best idea for obvious reasons, so wear something LIGHT in color during the day & night!

When running at night go for reflection or a flashing light. Shoe's have reflective panels, maybe that's what that lady was thinking. However, if you are running next to a curb, vehicle lights won't hit them until you are too close for comfort (especially true when turning corners)!

Huh? Okay let me explain! Have you EVER not noticed someone in tight clothing? Wether they look disgusting or absolutly hot...a bet you saw them! So increase your eye catching visability by struting your stuff! Plus compression clothing helps muscles recover quicker after you run!

The tight clothes thing actually dawned on me during my run after a driver & his passenger looked me over as they past. I thought I was pretty hot stuff till I realized they where most likely staring at my "assets" that where uncomfortably bouncing along as a ran. And after I realized it, I didn't feel so hot anymore, just embrassed. It's not something I can help however and not something that I like to think about -oKAY! Next thought!

Other than the deep thoughts on safety & jiggling jubblies, I had a pretty good run! I had about 8 minutes of down time mid-run, while I got my pig-tailed cutie set at school...but I ran for the most part.

So, here I am at 8 weeks postpartum. I'm down from my delivery peak of 210lbs to 165lbs! That's 45 down and 15 to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 150lbs (however my goal is to lose 25lbs)! I've gone from XL maternity to a size 12, with a goal of size 8 (reachable with lots of hard work).
Two weeks after delivery I ran/walked 2 miles at 15 min/mi pace. (Panting, wheezing, kicking, screaming.)
Eight weeks after, I run/walk 3 miles at a 11:30 min/mi pace. (Energetic, motivated, excited!)

Looking back over the past year, I can't believe how far I let myself get out of shape & how fast I've been able to bounce back. I really felt down on myself, looking & feeling really bad. But I have remembered quickly the cure for those depressing feelings...and so I run!

I love the challenge, I love the trail, I love the race, I LOVE that post run high!

What are you waiting for?! RUN!!!! But keep black cats #1 & 2 in mind when you do!

(Sorry...I couldn't get my pics from my phone to my blog for some reason!)

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