Monday, November 28, 2011

Pre Season: The Cold Hard Truth

So this is going to be interesting...

First race of the season is on the roster, Jared and I will both be doing the Olympic distance at the RAGE Triathlon,  
April 21, 2012 
Boulder Beach at Lake Mead NRA

Las Vegas, NV
1500m Swim / 24.8mi Bike / 10k Run
...Aaaand cue butterflies!  Oh man this is going to be a battle of wills, my will and what my body will (do).   
That being said, WHO'S EXCITED to race?!   I sure, am? Okay, so I'm laughing with myself because only I, and perhaps Jared, know how many pieces of Thanksgiving pie I stared down and mauled Augustus Gloop style.  Pretty sure I ate my weight in pie and this -------------->
is exactly how I feel, a little on the round side a LOT on the pigley wigley side!  One thing is for certain, I have GOT to get a handle on my appetite for the sweeter things in life, as a mother and wanna-be-athlete, I hang my head in bitter shame.  If there is one thing that will hold me back from being the best I can be it will be my addiction to sugar.
Ooooooohhhh, suuuugarrrrr (in my best Homer voice)!  So it will be interesting to see how I do training for this race and my 'A' race for the year, The Disneyland Half Marathon.  

Plan of Attack
To reach my 'race weight' goal of 138 pounds of lean, mean fighting machine, I must change a few things in my life.  Okay, we've mentioned the sugar and as history will show I CAN eliminate the sugar and I WILL, but what about my weakest and most shunned exercise, ESSENTIAL for triathlon?  Yes, I must learn to love my bike.  Not just love it, but make it my favorite pass time and something I excel at.  
So:  a) cut the sugar, b) own the bike and c) hmmmm
Well, c) is important, it really is...I'm just having a Rick Perry moment. :0)
No really, first things first, I'm going to get up in the morning and OWN my bike.  Setting a goal of 35 minutes of HARD effort riding to a little zombie guts and gore, HEY!  No GUTS, No GlORy? Right? RIGHT?!  OMGosh it's like I'm TALKING TO MYSELF!!!!  ;0)  Oh well, I'll take a moment to get motivated someone who amazes me.
  "Don't think about what you can do--think about what you want to do. And start trying to do it."
"Challenges are often a matter of our perception. If we stop perceiving them as challenges and see them as something necessary to achieve our goals, they will be easier to overcome, and we can reach our potential.  It might be hard to do in the beginning, but if you do it each day, after a while you're not going to perceive it as being hard. You're going to perceive it as being normal."

I just have one word for this guy -AMAZING.  

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