Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ice Breaker Race Report

Oh Ice Breaker....will I EVER get it right?!  I don't know, but, WHO CARES?!  I have a TON of fun racing you every year. :)

So, this Ice Breaker review is a little late....but I've been a little off this season, with EVERYTHING, so better late than never. :)

I'll sum it up with for you:

3rd place....again. 

Swam great, transitioned ok, biked one great lap and one not so great lap...had an ok run.

As for the race course, it was well marked, well attended and FUN!  Loved it!  My one regret is allowing the 2nd place gal to pass me on the second bike loop when I COULD have held onto my lead.  I chased her on the run hoping to catch her but ran the EXACT 5k time she did, which wasn't fast enough.  Big disappointment.  I knew I couldn't beat Krista, but I should have been able to bike this course faster and hold that lead.  Guess I'll have to Tri again next year!

As for the race company.... Our Racetri guys are always putting on a great pre-race show, and running a fantastic race!

Can it be that I, Kelly K. Jones, can be not-so-long-winded?... It's rare I know, we'll savor this rarity. :)

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